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Lauren Shera Levine



 (Isla Grace) 


 (Birth Arts International) 


 (Birth Arts International) 

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Lauren, I live in the countryside of middle Tennessee and I provide connection-focused care and evidence-based resources to mothers everywhere for postpartum wellness, lactation support, holistic sleep, & respectful parenting for babies and children.

When I became a mother, I realized very quickly that I had so much more to learn than I expected, and I set out to become more informed & empowered. After struggling to find my footing in the haze of that first year of parenthood, I did some deep soul-searching and self-work in order to better understand the postpartum experience. I wanted to explore our culture's treatment of new mothers; the unrealistic expectations placed on them and the lack of adequate support that they too-often face. I chose to deepen my knowledge of breastfeeding as a mothering tool, and secure attachment as a necessity to childhood development. I want to be a voice for mothers & babies, for our societal wellness is completely dependent upon theirs. Mothers are the pillars of community, and babies are the future. We must stop treating them as broken or as problems that need to be fixed. All mothers deserve access to lactation support & postpartum care. All babies deserve to have mothers who know the importance of responsive parenting & emotional wellbeing.

I deeply believe in the power of true postpartum support, from birth all the way through the early years. Mothers deserve to feel empowered, not overwhelmed. Supported instead of alone. Nourished instead of left in the cold, and informed with proper resources & care so that they may make the best decisions for themselves & their families. This is where my passions lie, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to intuitive mothering & conscious parenting. When our mamas are well, they raise well babies who go on to make the world a better place. 




Lauren was an absolute dream to work with. As first time parents, we only had a crash course in breastfeeding at the hospital- which was very basic and didn’t leave us feeling very prepared. After a week of being home, our baby struggled to latch and would cry incessantly when nursing. 

Lauren came over to our home within 24 hours of us contacting her, and counseled me on different nursing positions to accommodate my oversupply of milk, as well as latching techniques. Her calm energy really helped our whole family regulate ourselves! We felt so much more confident after her visit- and nursing has become such a different experience for my baby and I. We couldn’t recommend Lauren enough!’ 



"Lauren helped me get through a very difficult time. I was gifted a remote care plan from a close friend located in Nashville. I live in NYC and desperately needed assistance with breastfeeding my newborn. Unfortunately it was during the height of the pandemic in one of the hardest hit areas in the country and I wasn’t able to lean on any family, friends, or in person classes. Our lil bundle of joy had spent some time in the NICU and we were both struggling to get the hang of nursing. With Lauren’s calm and kind guidance we explored different techniques, positions and options for feeding. I appreciate her expertise mixed with her relaxed approach that made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. I was able to open up quickly about my frustrations which were met with understanding and proactive planning. I don’t know if I would have hung in there without her help! Thank you Lauren."



"Lauren did a wonderful job helping ease my postpartum 

experience. I would absolutely use her again and recommend

her to others."



“After experiencing a traumatic birth and recovery, I was struggling to know how to care for myself and my child. Lauren provided daily support as well as long term support options. She also reminded me to trust my instincts as a mother, which is the best advice!”


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