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You deserve to feel empowered and informed on your journey through nourishing your baby with breastmilk. Lactation is a multi-faceted experience that carries with it a powerful bond and innumerable health benefits for baby and mother. I can walk you through all of the basics of latch and positioning, teach you how to feel confident in your baby's intake and your milk production, and navigate more complex challenges with milk supply and common nursing disruptions. I can assist you in tandem nursing, complimentary bottle-feeding, starting solids, returning to work, and full or partial weaning, as well as education about baby sleep and behavior at all ages and stages. I will also check in on your emotional and physical wellbeing and make sure that you have all of the support you need. Includes handouts and resource lists as well as reading suggestions.

*Any postpartum or lactation consult or package may be purchased as a gift. Please get in touch with me if you are looking to give the gift of holistic wellness to a new family.

Includes: 1 virtual prenatal visit (1-1.5 hours) to discuss everything you need to know about breastfeeding before baby arrives. Learn how milk is produced, how to optimize your breastfeeding success, tips for latching & positioning, hand expression, and more.

1 Postpartum home visit (1-1.5 hours) and 1 follow up visit (1 hour) to be used anytime during the first 8 weeks. Great for families who would like all the foundational education as well as in depth support during the initial phases breastfeeding and lactation.

Text and email support throughout.


*All packages must be used within the first 2 months postpartum. Payment plans available.


$385 In Home

$360 Virtual

Breastfeeding Package

A single, 1-1.5 hour visit to help you feel confident breastfeeding your baby and address any questions, concerns or challenges you may have. This session is completely customizable to meet you and your baby's needs and can be used for newborns, older babies and toddlers and may include pumping and bottle feeding, nutritional counseling for babies about to start solids, returning to work support, infant sleep education, and postpartum wellness. Includes 2 weeks of follow-up text/email support.

-  Prenatals will focus on education about the foundations of milk production, infant feeding behaviors, bonding, and postpartum care for the new family. Prenatal sessions are $140 virtual only. Ask about my Biological Infant Care classes for a comprehensive add-on.

Travel fees may apply for home visits in certain areas.


$155 In-home

$140 Virtual

FOLLOW-UPS (1 hour)

$105 In-home

$90 Virtual

Prenatal & Postpartum Lactation Consults



Holistic sleep support involves diving deep into the physical and emotional wellbeing of both the baby/child and the mother to get to the bottom of any challenges, and use connection and responsiveness as a way to empower everyone towards getting a better night’s sleep.

The Baby-Led Sleep(TM) approach that I practice means that we will work with your child’s individual needs, temperament, and personality to make developmentally appropriate changes. I look at everything from nutrition and physiology, to play and environment. I will never ask you to leave your baby alone to cry, nor do I believe that babies or children need to be trained how to sleep. I will work to get to the bottom of any underlying issues and make gentle shifts to support your little one in getting the sleep that they need. I fully support nighttime breastfeeding, bedsharing, and co-sleeping families.


This approach prioritizes both maternal/parental wellbeing and responsive parenting as well as infant mental health, in order to take steps towards easier days and more peaceful nights. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of early attachment, and tools to implement anytime you go through a new developmental stage. 

For this email-only option, you will complete a brief intake so that I can get a sense of your family and what could be improved in your child’s sleep. You will have the opportunity to ask me up to 4 questions in a single email, to which I will respond with my notes and resources within 3 business days. If you need further clarification on what we have discussed, I will reply once more to assist you in getting the best understanding of your unique baby and their individual sleep habits. Perfect for parents who just need a bit of guidance and simple tools to support their child or baby.


$55 Email Only

Mini Consult

Sleep Foundations Consultation

For any age, newborn to early childhood. One 60-minute Sleep Foundations Call to discuss holistic sleep practices for your unique child, or to discuss a specific challenge you may be having. Ask any questions that you have regarding sleep and feeding, development, partner support, routines, parenting, physiological disruptors, or whatever else is on your mind! 


$99 Virtual Only

For ages 6 months- 6 years. One 60 minute Sleep Education Call and detailed intake form analysis, in which we will discuss any challenges you are currently having and take a look at your child's sleep from a holistic, developmentally-sensitive perspective. Perfect for families who are looking to improve their child's sleep without sleep training. Includes a detailed intake form analysis and written summary of our call, relevant referrals and resources. After a week of implementing foundations, we will have a 30 minute call to collaborate on creating a detailed sleep plan to implement gentle shifts using connection and responsiveness as you work towards your goals. Following this call you will have 2 weeks to exchange 4 emails with Lauren to track progress and help you make any necessary adjustments.



Holistic Solutions


A note from Lauren:

- I support families, and families come in many forms. All are welcome here. I proudly serve LGBTQ+ families, single parents, adoptive parents, and every color under the sun.  All are welcome and all are deserving of evidence-based care.


- In an effort to do my part to help close the gap in lactation support for BIPOC families, I offer free 30 minute virtual lactation consults for marginalized communities, and donate a portion of each breastfeeding package sold to Black birth workers and lactation organizations. Please get in touch if you are in need of support.


Serving the Nashville area of TN

+ Virtual Support Anywhere


Thank you for subscribing!

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